After the Maple Syrup Fasting

After the Maple Syrup Fasting

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 22 Tae Bo and Charlie Sheen

Did Tae Bo last night...... am I too young to be having chest pains? I was hurting with chest pains!! But I sweated and felt like i have hit a milestone. Remember I rather do an hour walk than Tae Bo but its working inches are starting to fall off and my weight is going down. When I ended the Fasting my weight was maintaining, no bueno. So I have to bring out the big guns called Billy Banks, as for Charlie Sheen where does he get all that energy and I don't give a flip about what people think of me attitude? You never see that in Hollywood! I love it. Saw the interviews and laughed and said wow must be the 2 mil an show that brings out the cocky

Day 21 I'm addicted to raisin bagels

Something about eating raisin bagels with cream cheese Monday thru Friday gets me going. Do I feel bad? No, it could be worse for example, eggs, three pieces of bacon, grits and toast.,what I really want. However, I feel good a bit tired but feeling good. I may need to take a vacation, its getting harder for me to get up in the morning. However, I love my job just a lil vacation then I will feel like new.

Day 20 Hamburgers on the Foreman

I got a George Foreman Grill a few days ago and today was the first time using it. Seasoned the hamburgers and put it on the Foreman OMG I was in heaven. so I had beans and rice and broke down at dinner with two hamburger patties and salad. Not to bad on the eating habits now its time to exercise (my ole foe) Best Hamburger ever!!!

Day 19 Eating changes shocker

Well the weekend once again and this is the time when it seems I eat the most.... But I try not to eat the "bad" stuff. I mostly try to eat salads and brown rice and beans. I have never been a serious meat eating (only steaks) so this transition to veggies and beans is not that hard for me. Cookies is another story...